Friday, April 23, 2010


My name is Ken Iverson. I am a graduate of Kent-Meridian High School, 1961, and Stanford University, BA, 1965

I am working on a project called PEACE DAY. The First Annual PEACE DAY Celebration/Festival will be Saturday, July 10, 2010 at the Kent-Meridian Performing Arts Center at KM High School in Kent, WA, USA, 7:00 PM.

There will be live music for this First Annual PEACE DAY Celebration, a band called Tupelo (see There will be at least one speaker, a Conscientious Objector during the Vietnam War who did two years of alternative service with the Quakers for the good of America.

The idea for PEACE DAY came from A Few Minutes with Andy Rooney on the CBS Television show 60 Minutes. It aired on November 8, 2009. He was looking for a day to balance Veterans Day. He did not have a name for it. He referred to it as “A No War Day”.

The next day, November 9, 2009, I wrote a letter to President Obama saying that such a day would honor PEACE. I submitted a name for such a day might be PEACE DAY and be observed on June 14, which would turn FLAG DAY into a day of Peace and that such a connection—the American Flag and Peace—is worthy of a great nation.

President Obama replied in a letter dated January 4, 2010: “Thank you for taking the time to share your ideas. I appreciate hearing from you…Thank you again for contacting me and providing your thoughtful suggestions.”

While the First Annual PEACE DAY Celebration will not be on Flag Day, 2010, it may be in future years.

Right now, PEACE DAY is in the Publicity and Funding Phase.
Admission is free. Everyone is invited.

Gold Medal Sponsorships are $500, Silver Medal Sponsorships are $300, Bronze Medal Sponsorships are $150, and Blue Ribbon Donations are $75.

Your Sponsorships and Donations will fund rental costs of KM Performing Arts Center, payment of Tupelo ($1500/8 members), Event Insurance ($430+), Attorney's fees ($500), Printing costs ($600+), Advertising ($600), Office equipment and supplies ($275), Filing fees ($90) and more.

We also need volunteers, day of program and before and after, for placing PEACE DAY posters in Kent area businesses, for being ushers and giving out programs on evening of event, for cleaning up after the program. We need volunteers to spread the word about PEACE DAY, to publicize the event. Your volunteering your time and efforts will help keep down costs. Help need not be only financial.

This is a labor of love on my part. I am not getting paid. This is a great cause. As the Iraq War winds down and we continue another war in Afghanistan, what is a better cause than PEACE. May we all leave on the evening of July 10, not wanting to die nobly for a cause, but wanting to live humbly for one, the cause of PEACE. See you all at the First Annual PEACE DAY Celebration. Spread the word. Bring your families and friends.

PEACE DAY is registered with Washington Secretary of State as a Nonprofit Corporation and as a Charitable Organization. PEACE DAY will be filing for Tax Exempt 501©(3) Nonprofit Corporation status with the IRS later in 2010. Your contributions will be retroactively tax deductable for tax year of 2010.


If you need more information, or are interested in being a sponsor, contact Ken Iverson at

Make checks or money orders payable to PEACE DAY and mail to:
Ken Iverson, PEACE DAY Organizer
24009 104th Ave SE, #215
Kent, WA 98030-4979

You can RSVP:
My Space:

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


The First Annual PEACE DAY Celebration/Festival will be on Saturday, July 10, 2010, 7:00 PM, at:

The Kent-Meridian Performing Arts Center
Kent-Meridian High School
10020 SE 256th Street
Kent, WA 98030

There will be a live band, Tupelo, ( and at least one speaker, a Conscientious Objector during the Vietnam War who served two years of alternative service with the Quakers for the good of America. His name is Soren and he is a personal friend of mine.